ECMP 355

Week #1

This is my first online class I have ever taken in all my years of being in school.  I didn’t know what to think going into it.  Many of my other friends have taken online classes and loved them because they got to work at there own pace.  Setting up word press was a little stressful, but once I got it all set up everything was right there in front of me all I had to do was read the articles and tell you what i thought about them.  I think I’m really going to enjoy this class because the flexibility and freedom it let’s you have in your schedule.  I like that we meet every two weeks online to see how everyone is doing and if we have any questions we can address them to you at this time. I like this class because I’m big into technology and this class teaches us how to use it when we become teachers so this class is ideal for myself.

Week #2

When module two came up and i saw all the things we had to do I was a little scared. It looked like a lot of work but once you started working on it, it went by very quickly.  Not only did it go by quickly but I also learned many things that I did not before.  I learned many different google tools and how to use some of them.  I found this very fascinating and many if these tools could also be used in the classroom.  When i first found out we had to make a survey I was a little freaked out.  But after watching the tutorial it was very easy and straight forward.  I found the articles very interesting and that technology is truly taking over in the classroom.  Then i read we had to make a video and my jaw dropped.  I had no idea.  But soon as I watched the tutorial again it was very helpful and I got through it quick and painless.  I really like this class because you can work with it and it gives you lots of time to plan when you are going to do your other assignments because of the freedom this class allows you to have. I enjoy learning about technology because I am interested in it and that makes the class all the better!

Week #3

This week was fairly straight forward. I enjoy social media and think it has a place in the classroom because almost all of the students use social media in someway.  I was not a fan of meeting online with a group. It took us one hour to get going because some of our group members couldn’t figure out how to use Google Docs. Then we tried making a video chat with everyone and one of our group members was in her house and her kids were yelling in the back ground and we couldn’t do that either. We ended up just communicating on the actual Google Docs that took an hour for people to figure out how to get there and use it so it was very frustrating.

Week #4

I liked learning about digital citizenship as we got to work in groups and discuss things with each other rather then do it alone. I’m not a huge fan of using my personal twitter to tweet out things relating to school but I guess that is a pretty minor problem.  I liked making the chart and I especially liked making a lesson plan that could be used for online learning.

Week #5

At the start of this semester I really enjoyed this class but I feel like online learning isn’t for me. I find it tough to motivate myself to going online and getting the work done. I guess it’s that way for every class. I liked learning about BYOD it was probably my favorite one to learn about out of the five modules we have done so far.  It is an interesting topic and it can really go both ways.

Now that you have had an opportunity to explore issues, ideas and thinking around BYOD, what is your opinion and or experiences regarding students bringing their own devices to school?

As much of a benefit it is for most students I would have to disagree.  Students come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  But they also all come from different homes.  Even if 90% of your class had their own devices I wouldn’t let a majority have it because those other two students that don’t have devices feel left out.  The only way I would allow students to BYOD is if I could get devices for the students who don’t have them because their families can’t afford them.  If I could get the students there own device inside the school so everyone was on a fair playing field then I would allow it.